Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Photo Hunt!!! This was A LOT OF FUN!

1. Cool or interesting Architecture....the pedestrian bridge over Hiawatha Ave in Minneapolis. Very very Cool!

2. A Sign of Spring.... just coming up!

3. Something Musical....the cello! Very musical indeed!

4. Something Sweet.... A cake made by my mama is ALWAYS sweet!! She does such an awesome job!!

5. Something Metallic.... This neat sculpture also at the International Market Place.

6. A Landscape.... Tamarack taken from the yard of the house I grew up in. :)

7. An Interesting Doorway.... How the hell?? hmmm...

8. A Reflection.... My daughter.

9. A Cemetery.... In Stillwater. I thought it was a beautiful cemetery.

10. A Pair of Shoes... My Chucks! :D

11. A Body of Water.... ONE of the Forest Lakes. #?, but it's near my house!

12. A Drink.... Possibly the best drink ever?? A strawberry mango smoothie from the International Market Place. mmmmm!

13. A Mosaic or Mural.... ok!! I found a mural made out of a mosaic!! Two blocks from my work! Awesome? yeah. tis.

14. Rain... yeah. It's um, raining? LOOK!!! A massive puddle too!!

15. A Classic Car.... My Cousin's 1952 Henry J. Pretty Sweet. :P

16. A Work of Art... A Wicked looking piece in the International Market Place in Minneapolis.

17. A Church.... I drive past this church everyday on my way to work. Amazing.

18. A Statue.... I absolutely LOVE Garden statues! This one is in my step mom's Garden.

19. An Interesting Sky... I thought this was beautiful!

20. Something in Motion... The ball and My husband! (Playing Gaelic Football!!)

21. Lights at Night.... Yeah, he even lights at night! he he.

22. boys complete with silhouettes.

23. Something Historical. (pre-1900)... my barn; built and used as a hemp factory during the Civil War! 1840's

24. A Shot From an unusual Perspective... My mirror!!!

25. Flowers...about to open!

26. Self Portrait...herself.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Egg Hunt..Henderson Style!

So today, the day before Easter we had an egg hunt with our family; the Henderson's! It was a jolly fun time as usual! Family holidays are a bit hectic. What with all of the families. There is my family, (although, lest we be p.c...) the Kostuch clan, Aaron's family; the Henderson's, and please don't emit the Bennett's either. So during all of the crazy time of the holidays we like to keep everything fun...especially for the rats.. I mean..kiddos!!!

Here we all are running about.. ok so maybe I was only jogging to keep up with the camera.. ha! Abbi was so cute with her eggs!! She didn't even care about the candy. (which is great!! Seriously. )
We had to plant a big bonus egg for Elijah to put more adventure into the hunt, apparently he in unwilling to let the fact that is is getting older and quite possibly, maybe too old for this event.... But much to his shagrin; he didn't even find that egg...Miles did. And Uncle Adam did suggest that just maybe next year egg hunting could quite possibly be a full contact sport. Due to the fact that the boys were shoving and wrestling each other to the ground over various eggs! I thought it was a laugh riot! My theory is, it's all good until someone is bleeding, and then it really does depend on how much blood. (is that horrid??) But Mary, Aaron's mom, does get even with the "adults" in the family by hiding eggs full of money all over the living room for us to find. I must say, I have NEVER been a fan of hunting for eggs or baskets or any of this stuff in my life. I looked forward to the day when I did not have to do it any longer...sigh. She does love to torture me, and I hate looking the wuss. So, oh well, I search away! Needless to say. It was fun. For the kids. Sadly, in the end, Miles didn't feel so well and we had to depart earlier than expected. But alas, it was fun while it lasted. And now my sugar addicted children have something to fiend over until I slowly hide and toss it away while they aren't looking. (I'm not mean, it's for their own good, if you lived here, you would understand) I hope everyone else's Easter is going well so far and goes well to come.... :D

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Here's Hoping!!

Wow!! A blog! And me thinking that my life is fun enough to keep this interesting! Ha! Kidding. I'm sure there is some insight I have other than the typical one liner that I am famous for! A great time was had by all at the Osman Shrine Circus Yesterday. I'm not sure if I was had by the protesters outside, or if the look in the elephant's eyes was what had gotten to me. Perhaps it was the way the horse just didn't look well groomed, and he looked a bit thin. But I think I'm not all about the circus. And believe me. I'm not one of those people who are all in your face, free the zoo animals and what not! I eat meat. I believe in hunting. But I don't know. They just didn't look...happy? to me. At least the kids had a good time, and I was able to stomach my moral, and/or ethical issues for the duration of the performance. Plus, I found out that clowns just aren't as creepy as they used to be! They were actually helpful in directing us about the place! Ha! Although Emma was horribly afraid of them. Considering Miles had informed her on our way that there were going to be "death clowns" at the Circus... big brothers...creeps all of them!!! All in all. I think it was a good time. Megan, my sister in law and my nephew, and my kids, (the two that were there) had a great time! And to me this is all that matters. When smiles are to be had, it makes me happy!