Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Photo Hunt!!! This was A LOT OF FUN!

1. Cool or interesting Architecture....the pedestrian bridge over Hiawatha Ave in Minneapolis. Very very Cool!

2. A Sign of Spring.... just coming up!

3. Something Musical....the cello! Very musical indeed!

4. Something Sweet.... A cake made by my mama is ALWAYS sweet!! She does such an awesome job!!

5. Something Metallic.... This neat sculpture also at the International Market Place.

6. A Landscape.... Tamarack taken from the yard of the house I grew up in. :)

7. An Interesting Doorway.... How the hell?? hmmm...

8. A Reflection.... My daughter.

9. A Cemetery.... In Stillwater. I thought it was a beautiful cemetery.

10. A Pair of Shoes... My Chucks! :D

11. A Body of Water.... ONE of the Forest Lakes. #?, but it's near my house!

12. A Drink.... Possibly the best drink ever?? A strawberry mango smoothie from the International Market Place. mmmmm!

13. A Mosaic or Mural.... ok!! I found a mural made out of a mosaic!! Two blocks from my work! Awesome? yeah. tis.

14. Rain... yeah. It's um, raining? LOOK!!! A massive puddle too!!

15. A Classic Car.... My Cousin's 1952 Henry J. Pretty Sweet. :P

16. A Work of Art... A Wicked looking piece in the International Market Place in Minneapolis.

17. A Church.... I drive past this church everyday on my way to work. Amazing.

18. A Statue.... I absolutely LOVE Garden statues! This one is in my step mom's Garden.

19. An Interesting Sky... I thought this was beautiful!

20. Something in Motion... The ball and My husband! (Playing Gaelic Football!!)

21. Lights at Night.... Yeah, he even lights at night! he he.

22. boys complete with silhouettes.

23. Something Historical. (pre-1900)... my barn; built and used as a hemp factory during the Civil War! 1840's

24. A Shot From an unusual Perspective... My mirror!!!

25. Flowers...about to open!

26. Self Portrait...herself.


  1. Awesome shots Cherre!!! You got a lot of good ones :) Head over to my blog to list your link to this post and get details for voting!
    PS I will be hosting another Photo Hunt in June so be prepared to do another!

  2. It's good to see other people's photos and styles around the world. Nice collection!

  3. LOVE your Interesting sky! nice work!

  4. That drink does look yummy! :)

    Fun photos! Thanks for sharing!

  5. 3 and 10 are my favourite pics!

  6. nice shot's--I'd love to have a smoothie, also adore your body of water

  7. great pics...i love the body of water and the church one. I think it's cool that we had the same idea for the unusual perspective shot!

  8. 11, 19, and 24 are my favorites, but you did a great job on all categories!